If distinguishing yourself through quality course performance and participation in undergrad research is a personal goal, then you should consider earning departmental honors in biology.

You can earn the departmental honor on your official university records by completing the requirements stated below. This achievement will be properly noted in the commencement program and in departmental records.

All of the following are requirements for Honors designation:

  • Overall GPA > 3.5
  • Completion of 3 credit hours of BIO 498 (Undergraduate Research), HONRS 490 or HONRS 499.
  • A presentation of the research findings at an internal or external professional meeting.

Obtaining Honors designation
After meeting these criteria you must submit a Departmental Honors Credit form from the Biology Department Office or from the Honors College and have it signed by your faculty research mentor. Departmental Honors designation will be indicated on your transcript and diploma. In order for this achievement to be recognized at an event hosted by the university president and included in the commencement program, deadline dates apply within the semester of graduation. Consult the Biology Department office or Honors College to determine these dates.