Our program prepares you with the educational background to be competitive for a graduate program or to begin careers in zoology. We also strongly recommend that you gain practical experience in the field through undergraduate research experiences and internships prior to completion of your degree.

The following is the required course work under this option.  Keep in mind that some courses are taught on a rotating basis and we will help you lay out a four year plan.  To review complete course information, see the undergraduate catalog.

 Biology Core Required Courses
 Bio 111 Principles of Biology 1
 Bio 112 Principles of Biology 2
 Bio 210 Intro Botany
 Bio 214 Genetics
 Bio 215 Cell Biology
 Bio 216 Ecology
 Bio 217 Ecology Methods
 Other Required Courses
 Chem 111 General Chemistry 1
 Chem 112 General Chemistry 2
 Chem 231 Organic Chemistry
 Phycs 110 General Physics 1
 Math 112 Precalculus Trigonometry (3) -or-
 Math 161 Applied Calculus 1 (3) -or-
 Math 165 Calculus 1 (4)
 Zoology Concentration Courses
 Zool 330 Structure and Development of Vertebrates
 Zool 432 Invertebrate Zoology 

 Minimum of 12 credit hours taken from the following,
 of which at least 9 cr. hrs. must be in zoology courses: 
 Bio 448 Biometry 
 Chem 360 Essentials of Biochemistry
 Zool 347 Animal Parasitology
 Zool 440 Ornithology 
 Zool 441 Entomology 
 Zool 444 Ichthyology
 Zool 445 Herpetology 
 Zool 446 Mammalogy 
 Zool 484 Aquatic Entomology