The following is the required course work under this concentration.  Keep in mind that some courses are taught on a rotating basis and we will help you layout a four year plan.  To review complete course information, see the undergraduate catalog. 

Genetics concentration students must earn a minimum grade of C (2.0) in Bio 214 (Genetics) in order to progress into the concentration specific classes.

 Biology Core Required Courses
 Bio 111 Principles of Biology 1
 Bio 112 Principles of Biology 2
 Bio 210 Intro Botany
 Bio 214 Genetics
 Bio 215 Cell Biology
 Bio 216 Ecology
 Bio 217 Ecology Methods
 Other Required Courses
 Chem 111 General Chemistry 1
 Chem 112 General Chemistry 2
 Chem 231 Organic Chemistry
 Phyc  110 General Physics 1
 Math 112 Pre-calculus Trigonometry (3) -or-
 Math 161 Applied Calculus 1 (3) -or-
 Math 165 Calculus 1 (4)
 Genetics Concentration Required Courses
 Bio 448 Biometry
 Bio 452 Advanced Genetics
 Bio 453 Human Genetics
 Bio 454 Genomes
 Bio 457 Molecular Biology

 5 hrs from 200-400 level of
 Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, or Zoology