As you would expect, a biology degree in aquatic biology and fisheries will include courses that focus on the study of fish and other living things in aquatic habitats, but did you know as an aquatic biology student, you will also learn about snails, insects, and worms as well as limnology, or the study of bodies of freshwater?

With the aquatic biology and fisheries option you will learn to promote the protection and restoration of water quality, the management of freshwater environments, and the recreational and sport-fishing use of lakes and streams. You will also discover the importance of furthering cooperation among industry, agriculture, and the public, which is necessary to achieve individual and mutual goals.

Along with our rigorous curriculum, you will get hands-on learning through field study and lab opportunities, including projects at the Aquatic Biology and Fisheries Center. All these experiences will prepare you for a career in which you can serve the state of Indiana, the region, and the nation in fisheries and specialties in aquatic biology.