Advances in medicine, strategies for conservation of biodiversity, and new discoveries in biotechnology are some of the exciting events happening in the ever-changing field of biology.

Whether you want to  explore the mechanisms of drug action, manage fish and wildlife habitats, assess water quality in aquatic ecosystems, or enlighten the public on endangered plant species, the biology department at Ball State is the place to start.

As a biology student, you will learn from faculty who are not just teaching but also working in their fields to advance our knowledge on these very topics. You will have the chance to work side-by-side with faculty on their current research projects, giving you exposure to real-world applications in addition to traditional lab experiences.

We are determined to provide you with a degree program that fits your career ambitions. By offering programs in specialized areas of biology, facilitating internships, and one-on-one advising, we will help you achieve your goals.