Suman Neupane
Suman Neupane
Assistant Professor of Biology


Room:FB 316

Dr. Suman Neupane comes to Ball State from Murray State University, where he was an Assistant Professor and Curator of the Herbarium. His research interests include Bioinformatics, Phylogenetics Theory, Macroevolution, and Plant Systemics. He teaches botany and plant taxonomy. Continue reading to learn more about his research.

I am a plant systematist and evolutionary biologist. Our fascination with the diverse world of plants drives research in our lab. We investigate how plants have evolved over millions of years, examining their complex traits and how they've adapted to different environments. To do this, we use DNA and morphological data to estimate evolutionary trees (phylogenies) of modern (extant) plants. We specialize in the group Spermacoceae (~1000 species) within the coffee (Rubiaceae) family, examining its evolution in tropical mountains and remote oceanic islands. Additionally, we contribute to organizing the vast diversity of living organisms into distinct groups based on their evolutionary relationships, a field known as systematics. Through global collaborations, our molecular systematics project aims to create a comprehensive phylogeny of Spermacoceae, resolving the taxonomic inconsistencies in the group. Additionally, we advance computational tools and methods for improved phylogenetic analysis and modeling of macroevolutionary processes.

To learn more about our research and publications, please visit our website.