Douglas Roossien

Douglas Roossien

Assistant Professor of Biology


Room:CL 171D

Dr. Roossien uses many cutting edge genetic and molecular technologies such as genome editing, expansion microscopy and tissue clearing, transgenics and viral vector production to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the development of neuron circuitry.


Michigan State University

Prior Employment

University of Michigan


Serotonin neurons regulate many behavioral functions such as mood, appetite, sleep, and cognition. Abnormalities in the morphology of these neurons have recently been implicated as contributing factors in behavioral disorders, yet the cellular mechanisms underlying these abnormalities are unclear. The powerful genetic tools available in Drosophila allow us to manipulate cellular and molecular function of these specific neurons during development. Together with a variety of emerging techniques such as Brainbow circuit analysis (see image below), Expansion Microscopy, and live-cell imaging, we seek to take an exciting new look at the developing nervous system in the hope of understanding how abnormalities in the serotonin system arise.

For more information and a list of publications, please visit our lab website.


Course Schedule
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Principles of Biolog 111 804 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Principles of Biolog 111 805 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Principles of Biolog 111 806 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Principles of Biolog 111 807 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Experimental Develop 299X 213 0000 - 0000 TBD, room TBD
Undergraduate Resear 498 213 0000 - 0000 TBD, room TBD
Research Design & Pr 696 1 0800 - 0915 T R CL, room 278
Senior Honors Projec 499 34 0000 - 0000
Thesis 698 113 0000 - 0000