The Athletic Training (AT) Club serves to bring together those individuals who are interested in the advancement of the athletic training profession.  The club will establish, maintain, and enhance rapport with fellow athletic training students, faculty, preceptors, and other health care professionals.  Club activities include professional development, fundraising, social, and volunteer activities, which all serve to promote the athletic training profession. 

MEMBERSHIP:  The membership shall be limited to Ball State University students within the professional phase of the athletic training program and those who intend to major in athletic training (pre-professional students).

OFFICERS:  The officers of the Ball State Athletic Training Club shall be accepted into the professional phase of the AT program and in good standing. All officers shall be elected by electronic ballot in April each year, with term beginning the first day of the following fall semester and lasting one academic year.  Any officer may be re-elected for one additional term.  Other positions may be created ad hoc at the discretion of the advisors.

Elected officers, plus club advisor(s) form the Executive Board.  The Executive Board shall formulate plans and decide all purposes and procedures of the club. 

If elected officer(s) are unable to meet the responsibilities and demands of their position, the club advisor(s) will intervene.  Should the elected officer(s) continue to fail to meet his or her responsibilities; the Executive Board may vote the officer(s) out of the position.  Vacancies occurring among the members of the Executive Board shall be filled by members of the current Executive Board voting on a replacement.  If this occurs, newly elected officers will serve out the term until the next general election.


Definitions to describe the following responsibilities: 

  • Oversee: Ultimately responsible for ensuring success of scheduled events and club functions
  • Attending:Being physically present, professionally prepared, and actively involved
  • Coordinate:Responsible for all aspects of preparing and executing task. May include ensuring that those involved are prepared and present to complete various tasks and skills needed to complete tasks successfully
  • Directed:  This project is/are short in nature and has specific outcomes. Responsible for all aspects of preparing and executing task.


  • Recruiting of club members (Attend AT 196, AT 240, AT 370/371 or appoint another officer)
  • Oversee all club events
  • Coordinates Alumni newsletter and prepares for dissemination
    • Works with program director to collect current alumni roster & contact information
  • Assist with publicity of Club activities (E-mails, signs, flyers, etc.)
  • May be directed specific duties as determined by club advisor(s)

Class Representative

  • Assisting President as directed
  • Coordinate planning for club events
  • Coordinate annual LIDs order
  • Promote club events through various media as determined by executive board
  • Assist with publicity of Club activities (E-mails, signs, flyers, etc.)
  • May be directed specific duties as determined by club advisors


  • Support, assist, and provide guidance to club officers
  • Oversee all aspects of the club
  • Manages club budget including facilitating all reimbursements and deposits

STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION:  The Athletic Training Club shall not discriminate against any individuals by refusing membership based on age, race, color, gender, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation.

DRESS CODE and PROFESSIONALISM:  In keeping with the nature and purpose of the club, and in maintaining a professional reputation as a health profession, it is expected that dressing in an appropriate and respectful manner is required.

**Violators of this code will be asked to leave the event. 

AMENDMENTS: Any proposed amendments to this Ball State Athletic Training Club By-Laws may be submitted in writing to the Executive Board at any time. Following review of suggested revisions by the Executive Board, revisions will be sent to club members for review at least three days prior to voting to accept changes. A special club meeting will be called to facilitate voting on amendments.