Advisory board members meet with faculty members in the program area two to three times a year to ensure the curriculum is preparing students with the skills they need to succeed after graduation. Board members:

  • Review the program structure, looking at courses, when they are offered, and how classroom and laboratory experiences are used in the course
  • Provide advice and offer suggestions on improving the program
  • Review equipment, lab supplies, and facilities to ensure the program is on the cutting edge
  • Recommend sources of support, advocacy, and funding to faculty members

Advisory Board Members

  • Christine Alexander,
  • Ed Cowgill, Muncie Novelty
  • Keith Craig, HardingPoorman
  • Don Dzurison, Duplo USA Corporation
  • Brent Eckhard, Great Lakes Graphics Association
  • Kenneth Johnson, Ball State University, Printing Services
  • Mark Leggio, Metropolitan Printing Service
  • Jeremy Streit, Pratt Corporation