Ball State's art major (BFA) with a focus on glass demands mental and physical skills, collaboration, and teamwork. It also necessitates the use of the entire body and the full focus of the mind.

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Glass is unlike any other medium. Whether opaque, translucent, transparent, or colored—and regardless of the specific techniques—the effects can be breathtaking as you manipulate extreme heat to your individual vision.

As a glass artist, you will work with extreme heat and discipline-specific tools, perfecting your ability to guide and shape the semi-liquid molten glass as it cools and hardens, creating forms that embrace your personal vision and creativity.

Being part of a glass course is about being part of the glass studio community. Students work in teams during glass production in order to learn the full range of tasks.

Glick Glass Center

Glick Center

As a glass major, you will learn and work in the premier The Marilyn K. Glick Center for Glass.

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What You Will Study

Under our glass concentration, you will learn the technical processes for creating forms with glass: glass blowing, glass casting, slumping, fusing, cold-working, and neon. Beginning students will learn basic processes for blowing and casting. Intermediate students will incorporate color and concept into their forms.

Advanced students will develop bodies of glass art that reflect a progressive combination of technical processes to create personal forms. Our glass students have exceptional opportunities to compete against other programs nationwide and to study glass abroad in places such as Poland and the Czech Republic.

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What Can You Do with a Degree in Glass?

As a graduate of our program, you’ll be prepared for:

  • a career as a professional glass artist
  • graduate studies in glass
  • artist assistant
  • studio technician/manager
  • gallery assistant/manager
  • university of public art center instructor
  • art handler
  • designer
  • equipment builder
  • neon sign creation and repair

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