To be considered for art scholarships you need to respond to an essay question along with other materials. 

2019-20 Art Scholarship Essay. View the following artworks and carefully examine both images. They represent student work created by Ball State art majors. 

Type a two-page essay that compares and contrasts the two artworks from several perspectives. Be aware that we are assessing your writing skills and ability to examine artworks from more than one perspective, develop conclusions and/or theories, and effectively communicate them.

Essays must be typed double-spaced in a readable font. Save your document as a PDF file. All Files must be named with your Last Name_First Initial_item you are submitting (e.g., Smith_A_essay.pdf, Smith_A_portfolio.pdf).

Deadline March 1, 2019. Submit the essay along with your resume, recommendation form, inventory sheet, and digital portfolio (PowerPoint presentation composed into a single PDF file) to



You may print the images or import them into your document. However, no other use of either image is allowed without permission from the artists.