Devon Ward

Devon Ward

Assistant Teaching Professor of Graphic Design and Visual Communication


Room:AJ 315

Devon Ward has taught graphic design and interdisciplinary design courses for the past five years. In April of 2019 he received UWA’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for Sessional Staff for interdisciplinary teaching. His post graduate education includes experimental art. He maintains a graphic design and art practice and has developed visual identities for small businesses, artists and local organizations in the US and Australia for the past decade. Additionally, he has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
2D Foundations Studi 101 2 1200 - 1350 M W F AJ, room 460
Design: Comp for Vis 200 1 1230 - 1515 T R AJ, room 312
Web Design: Coding f 301 1 1000 - 1150 M W F AJ, room 310
Web Design: Coding f 301 2 0800 - 1045 T R AJ, room 310
Design: Practicum 471 3 0000 - 0000