Barbara Giorgio-Booher
Barbara Giorgio-Booher
Teaching Professor of Art


Room:AJ 461

Barbara Giorgio received her MFA degree in 1983 from The Ohio State University, and her BFA in 1981 from Ball State University. She has over twenty-five years of teaching experience.

Professional affiliations with organizations on the national level have given Barbara the opportunity for research and dialogue with art educators, artists, and designers from across the United States in a variety of educational institutions and programs. She currently serves as an elected member of the board of Mid-America College Art Association (MACAA) that represents and supports college art concerns with a focus upon the practical and philosophical interests of studio faculty. As a member of Foundations in Art: Theory and Education (FATE), she has served as an elected member of the board and chair of the awards committee.

Barbara’s creative work includes drawings on glass, digital prints, printmaking, and traditional drawings on paper. Her work combines imagery through composite manipulation and geometrical layering of unexpected patterns generated from objects taken from her personal surroundings, those found in nature, and in the anatomical structures of the human form. Responding to opportunities found in glass by using frit and powder with sifters, brushes, spatulas, and stencils, she combines, and plays off of, existing and implied patterns creating a hybrid art form. A rich and varied play between positive and negative shapes is explored, whereby contrasting values, textures and patterns are woven together in an orchestration of subtle optical effects and nuances. Her work has been shown in national and regional juried exhibitions in Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, New Mexico, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah.

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
2D Foundations Studi 101 1 0800 - 1045 T R AJ, room 460
2D Foundations Studi 101 2 1230 - 1515 T R AJ, room 460
Drawing: The Figure 202 5 1200 - 1350 M W F AJ, room 458
Drawing: The Figure 202 6 1400 - 1550 M W F AJ, room 458