Vance Bell

Vance Bell

Teaching Professor of Art


Room:AJ 125E

Born in Noblesville, Indiana, Vance began studying ceramics in 1979 under Marvin Reichle and Linda Arndt, and earned a BFA in that area from Ball State University in 1983. While attending undergraduate school he also served a three-year apprenticeship with Alan Patrick of the Bethel Pike Pottery in Albany, IN, where the focal point of his work was the production of utilitarian ceramic ware. 

In 1984, Vance moved to Pennsylvania to study Ceramics and Sculpture, and in 1986 he earned an MFA from Edinboro University, PA. In 1986, Vance returned to Ball State University, and for the past 29 years has worked as an assistant professor of Art, teaching Ceramics, Drawing and 3D design. Vance’s clay work is inspired by humanity’s place in the natural world and is material and process driven.

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
3D Foundations Studi 102 1 0800 - 0950 M W F AJ, room 117
3D Foundations Studi 102 2 1000 - 1150 M W F AJ, room 117
Drawing Studio 101 1 1230 - 1515 T R AJ, room 452
Drawing Studio 101 3 0800 - 1045 T R AJ, room 452