Carla Earhart

Carla Earhart

Professor of Property Management

Curriculum Vitae


Room:AT 225

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Dr. Carla Earhart is Professor of Residential Property Management (RPM) in the Department of Applied Business Studies in the Miller College of Business at Ball State University. She joined the faculty after earning M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Housing from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Earhart teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in housing and property management, both on campus and online. After many years of serving in these positions, she recently stepped down from serving as RPM Program Director and RPM Internship Coordinator, to focus her work in teaching and scholarly activities.

Much of Dr. Earhart’s teaching involves immersive learning projects where students are engaged in the community as part of the learning process. She most recently taught an immersive learning course where students examined the Indiana Department of Education academic standards for the elementary grades to determine opportunities for adding more housing content to the elementary curriculum, especially content related to multifamily rental housing. Her earlier immersive learning classes were taught in connection with the Maplewood Mansion Learning Lab, a boutique apartment community in Muncie’s Minnetrista Historic District, providing short-term housing for medical students completing their educational requirements at Ball Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Earhart’s scholarly interests focus on the factors that influence attitudes and preferences toward housing options...multifamily vs. single-family housing, and renting vs. buying. She is especially interested in the influence of art, media, literature, music, film, education, and public policy on housing attitudes and preferences. Her scholarly work also focuses on the uses of experiential teaching techniques such as immersive learning, job shadowing, and internships.

Dr. Earhart’s work has been presented at conferences of the Housing Education and Research Association, Charleston Library Conference, American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, European Network for Housing Research, International Sociological Association, National Apartment Association, Hawaii International Conference on Business, Environmental Design Research Association, and Architecture, Media, Politics, Society. Her work has been published in a variety of journals, books, magazines, and newspapers.

As a result of her teaching and scholarly activities, Dr. Earhart has received awards from the Department of Management, Ball State University, the National Apartment Association, Housing Education and Research Association, and American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.  She was awarded a regional Emmy nomination as executive producer of the documentary Somewhere Called Home.

Dr. Earhart has served on a variety of committees in local, state and national professional organizations, as well as at the department, college, and university level.  She is regularly called upon to assist other universities in creating academic programs in Residential Property Management, and is a volunteer with the Muncie Rental Housing Advocacy program.