Two special financial awards are available to anthropology students at Ball State. The Troyer Scholarship, named after benefactor Byron Troyer, can be used toward tuition or other expenses. The Troyer Grant, named for Byron’s wife, Iona Troyer, is for professional development.

Troyer Scholarship

Troyer Scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding undergraduate anthropology majors entering their senior year. Applications for these scholarships are accepted during the spring semester of your junior year and are due by the first Friday in March. To apply, complete and submit the Troyer Scholarship Application.

 Troyer_Scholarship_Application 2018

To be eligible for these scholarships, you must have completed a minimum of 21 hours in anthropology and 96 hours of overall course work by the end of the semester during which you apply. You also must maintain a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0.

Troyer Grant

Several Troyer Grants up to $300 are available annually to qualifying anthropology students for professional development. These grants are intended to help defer expenses for research and presentations at conferences. Receipts must accompany any grant fund reimbursement; please submit these to Heidi Stigall. Also, a travel authorization MUST BE APPROVED BY THE DEAN'S OFFICE FOUR (4) DAYS BEFORE ANY TRAVEL BEGINS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.  To apply, complete and submit the Troyer Grant Application.  Please submit grant form on or before April 1 of of the current  academic year.

For more information about these awards, contact us or fill out an application.