Would you like to be an archaeologist? Hunt for Neanderthal fossils? Live among tribespeople in the Amazon or highland New Guinea? Do research on the spread of diseases or human genetics? Anthropologists do all that and more. 

From the Greek words anthropos ("human") and logia ("study"), anthropology explores the story of humankind, from its beginnings millions of years ago to the present day. Although easy to define, anthropology is difficult to describe. Its subject matter is both exotic and commonplace. And its focus is both sweeping and microscopic.

Anthropologists look for interactions among culture, biology, and the external environment and bring to their work a holistic perspective on human behavior that allows them to understand the functioning of human groups and apply their skills and insights in any setting. This will make you comfortable as well as competitive in a world of increasing multiculturalism and international interaction.

Find out why should you study anthropology.