You’ll need to take at least 32 hours of graduate credit for the master’s degree in anthropology. Because we believe that students should gain a broad knowledge of anthropology, core courses covering three of the major subdisciplines are required. This requirement can be waived only by the graduate committee. 

Also required is a graduate studies seminar (ANTH 600), which will help you become familiar with research resources and practices in anthropology and develop a research proposal for your master’s thesis.  A required 6-hour thesis allows you to acquire skills in research methods and techniques in a specific subdiscipline.  

Beyond these requirements, you will be able to tailor your plan of study to your individual needs. Although we encourage you to take general courses, electives may focus on cultural or physical anthropology or archaeology. 

Below is a list of the required courses for this degree. Click on a course title to view its description:

Required Courses
ANTH 600 - Graduate Studies Seminar 
ANTH 601 - Scope of Cultural Anthropology 
ANTH 603 - Scope of Archaeology 
ANTH 605 - Scope of Biological Anthropology 
THES 698 - Thesis 

Methodology Course (select 3 hours)
Choose one course approved by your advisor. 
Elective Courses (select 12 hours) 
Choose from anthropology (ANTH) courses or other electives approved by your advisor.

To see when these courses are offered, consult the Schedule of Classes.