The Graduate Certificate in Interpretive Ethnography is for graduate level students who wish to add ethnographic competence to their job/professional skills.  The professions this may include, regardless of their graduate degree, is a diverse group ranging from computer science to the fine arts.  This certificate enables its graduates to carry out ethnography of a kind that will be useful in any number of fields and professions.  Largely training in the ethnography is done by a single department and often through an apprenticeship model. This certificate offers an another set of alternatives - one that will be attractive to those from outside the social sciences.

PREFIX NO         SHORT TITLE                       CR HRS

ANTH     601         Scop Cultral (3)                         3   

3 hours from

ANTH     550         Ethn Fld Sch (3)


              559         Ethno Method (3)


              695         Resrch Method (3)                      3

9 hours from

ANTH    542         Amer Culture (3)

             550         Ethn Fld Sch (3)

COMM   605         Qual Resrch (3)

EDEL     676         Res Elem Edu (3)

EDSTU   650          Int Qual Rsh (3)

             660         Ethno Res Ed (3)

PSYSC   595         Spec Topics (3)

RELST   503         Read Spec St (3)

SOC      583         Evaluation (3)

             681         Survey (3)                                     9


                15 hrs

 For more information, please contact Robert Phillips