BENEFITS - Design Service

  • Clients Benefit: We provide clients with options and multiple concepts, unlike most design firms. Our teams supply clients with different concepts so that they can choose the one that is right for them. Since the programming and schematic design stage is the most time-consuming, design firms often streamline the process and offer few options to clients. We empower clients by offering different concepts so that they may choose what feels and looks right for them. 
  • Students Benefit: Clients create opportunities for students to learn from real projects. Client-created opportunities enable the Center to provide students with access to supplies, field trips to the site, printing expenses, and other necessary equipment.
  • Cost: The fee clients pay is a grant to the university and is much less than what a typical professional design firm will charge. It may confer tax benefits, as the university is a not-for-profit institution.


BENEFITS - Evaluation Service

  • Good pre-design evaluation (programming) saves money in the long run, enabling designers and architects to create spaces that are pleasant, productive, and profitable (P3).
  • Post-Occupancy evaluation can help to uncover issues with spaces so that minor modifications can be made to spaces, once the interior is already built. Most importantly, these evaluations help to inform future projects, ensuring that errors in design are not repeated in future projects. The service is recommended, if you just (within a year) completed a major remodeling.
  • The fee that we charge is in the form of a grant to the university, commonly a fraction of the fee that a programmer will charge. Proceeds will help us to hire a graduate assistant to help with the project, provide release time (from teaching) for the faculty to concentrate on the client project, covers travel cost to visit the site, etc. Charges depend on complexity and scope of the project and will be determined after defining the scope of the project.