Program Evaluations

The Social Science Research Center also offers a rich expertise in program evaluation. Offering experienced, multidisciplinary perspectives as an independent and/or external evaluator, we have conducted evaluations of various scope. Additionally, the SSRC is a leading resource for community and university professionals in the area of program evaluation, evaluation design, and evaluation capacity building (ECB) services. 

The SSRC also assists with the completion of proposal and budget narrative(s) pertaining to evaluation sections/plans for those projects that we are involved. These project examples describe independent and external program evaluations from successfully-funded proposals for local, state, and federal agencies:

Administration, Analysis, and Summary of the Indiana Adult Tobacco Survey (2014 – 2015; 2015 – 2017

This research was conducted under contract for the Indiana State Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission as part of a pass-through grant with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This statewide research identifies trends, opinions, and behaviors related to adult smoking in Indiana. As part of a nationwide initiative from the CDC, the SSRC served as a training and call center for research assistants, supervised all data collection, data cleaning and preparation for the state’s data inclusion into the national database, analysis, summary, and presentation of findings to the state officials. 

Evaluation Capacity Building for The International Center, Indianapolis, Indiana (2013 – 2018) 

The SSRC assists The International Center in developing their ability to conduct effective evaluations of their own programs and services, including the development of an electronic content and data management system. Also, this process places a strong emphasis on how to best use evaluation findings in their daily operations, as well as how to use evaluation findings to leverage additional opportunities from a variety of constituents.

Evaluation of Ball State University’s Partnership with Quad-i-Azam University (Pakistan) (2012 – 2015)

Serving as an independent evaluator, the SSRC monitors this collaborative project between the Quad-i-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan and Ball State’s Center for International Development (CID). This $1 million dollar, multi-year collaborative involves faculty from the departments of English, Art, Political Science, Philosophy and Religious Studies, History, and Counseling Psychology to conduct intensive, on-site training in Pakistan, as well as at Ball State University on pedagogical best practices, increasing capacities at Quad-i-Azam University’s Area Study Centre.   

Evaluation of Ball State University’s Partnership with Isra University (Pakistan) (2012 – 2015) 

This $1 million dollar three-year collaborative involves the Miller College of Business at Ball State, and Isra University’s Department of Management Sciences. The goals of this partnership project are to build capacity at Isra to maintain and enhance the academic, research, and knowledge exchange environment for faculty, staff, and students. The SSRC provides the independent evaluation of this project, working with key project personnel at Ball State University, Isra University, and the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, as well as administrators from the U.S. Department of State. 

Evaluation of the Sport for Social Change Program, Tajikistan (2013 – 2015) 

Serving as an independent evaluator, the SSRC monitors fidelity and outcomes of this project involving faculty from the department of Sport and Exercise Psychology, as well as Counseling Psychology. This project aims to strengthen citizenship and soccer skills among youth athletes in collaboration with rural soccer leagues in Tajikistan. This multi-year project represents the second project of this kind for Ball State, with the SSRC providing the evaluation component for both.

Evaluation of Ball State University's Partnership with Kandahar University (Afghanistan) (2010-2012)

Working with the Rinker Center for International Programs, the SSRC provided the evaluation component for this U.S. Department of State funded project. This $1 million-dollar, multi-disciplinary collaborative project establishes a Career Center and English language training program at Kandahar University, Afghanistan over a two-year period.

Evaluation of University Linkages Project, Ball State University and Tikrit University, Iraq (2011-2012)

In this multi-disciplinary collaboration with the Ball State Center for International Development, the SSRC works with the Departments of Computer Science, Accounting, and the Intensive English Institute to provide the independent evaluation component of this project, funded through FHI 360 (a global development organization).

Evaluation of Study of the United States Institute for Student Leaders on New Media and Journalism (2011-2013)

The SSRC is provided the evaluation of this project in collaboration with the Department of Journalism at Ball State. Funded through the U.S. Department of State, this project brought students from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines to Ball State to study new media and journalism with faculty from this nationally-recognized program.

Evaluation of Consulting Services for the English Language Institute, Higher Committee for Education Development, Republic of Iraq (2011-2013)

This U.S. State Department-funded project aims to shorten the length of time that scholarship recipients from Iraq spend in English as a Second Language courses in the United States. The SSRC worked with the Ball State Center for International Development and the Intensive English Institute to provide the independent evaluation of these services.

Evaluation of the Soccer for Peace and Understanding Project, Jordan (2011-2013)

Working with the School of Physical Education and the Department of Psychology and Guidance Services at Ball State, the SSRC is providing the evaluation component for this project that aims to train youth soccer coaches how to teach peaceful living skills through the game of soccer to their youth.

Evaluation of University Partnership Between Ball State University and Shaikh Zayed University, Afghanistan (2011-2014)

The SSRC is working with the Department of Journalism at Ball State to provide an independent evaluation of services to Shaikh Zayed University in the Khost Province, Afghanistan. Specifically, this project offers targeted workshops and courses, lectures and presentations on DVD, access to an online certificate program in emerging media journalism, English language tutoring, faculty mentoring, curriculum evaluation and suggested revisions, and course material translation.

Youth Opportunity Center Outcome Measures Project, (2010-2011)

The SSRC worked with the local social services organization, the Youth Opportunity Center (YOC), for this evaluation capacity building (ECB) initiative. Results from the ECB process included recommendations for the improvement and consistent implementation of robust evaluation practices at the YOC that would assist the YOC in becoming a leader among human service providers.

Evaluation of Career Ladder Bridge Pilot Program, Ball State University and Miller's Health Systems (2010)

Working with the School of Nursing at Ball State, the SSRC prepared instrumentation, and provided analyses to determine the effectiveness of a piloted Career Ladder Bridge Program between Ball State and Miller's Health Systems. This funded program through the Indiana Department of Workforce Development allowed LPN/CNA's to pursue their Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing, while on-the-job at Miller's.  

Evaluation of Indiana Supported Employment Programs for the Supported Employment Consultation and Training Center (1990's - 2007)

With Dr. David Perkins of the Department of Psychological Science at Ball State, the SSRC conducted an external outcome evaluation of over 30 mental health centers in this statewide supported employment project. These evaluation activities assisted agencies in maintaining compliance with the Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations standards. These reports also helped identify and maintain best practice approaches to service delivery, and drive the development of services in Indiana.