Guardian Scholars Spotlight

Guardian Scholars Spotlight is a newsletter that provides semester updates on the program, services, and activities of the Ball State University Guardian Scholars. It highlights the latest developments and keeps you informed of the wonderful work and accomplishments of Guardian Scholars students. We encourage you to check out the featured student spotlight section, and enjoy the success story of a current Guardian Scholar student!

Volume 3 Issue 3- Winter/Spring 2018

Volume 3 Issue 2- Fall 2017

Volume 3 Issue 1- Spring 2017 

Volume 2 Issue 3-Fall 2016

Volume 2 Issue 2-Summer 2016 

Volume 2 Issue 1-Spring 2016 

Volume 1 Issue 3-Fall 2015

Volume 1 Issue 2-Spring 2015

Volume 1 Issue 1-Fall 2014

Featured Events

2017 Winter Break Event 

2016 Winter Break Event 

2016 Fall Kickoff

2016 Spring Graduation Event

2015 Winter Break 

2015 Fall Kickoff

2015 Spring Graduation Event

2014 Winter Break

Guardian Scholars Success Summary 

The Guardian Scholars Success Summary gives a glimpse of the accomplishments and stories of the Guardian Scholars program on an academic year basis. This success summary provides more information about the program demographics, academics, and achievements of the Guardian Scholars students. 

Guardian Scholars Success Summary 2016-2017

Guardian Scholars Success Summary 2015-2016

Guardian Scholars Success Summary 2014-2015 

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