Learn how to get around campus walking, taking a bus, campus shuttle, or riding a bicycle. You will also find additional information for travel to places around Muncie, Indianapolis, or Chicago.

Ball State Transportation

Ball State University's free campus shuttle is a terrific way to get to the library, classes and other campus-wide events.

Campus shuttle buses service Ball State in three ways:

  • Green Loop - provides transportation to apartment complexes and Scheumann Stadium
  • Red Loop - provides transportation up and down McKinley Avenue
  • Blue Loop - provides transportation during the winter months through the central part of campus and into the Muncie community east of campus

Track the Ball State Shuttle

Ball State University students find it very convenient to travel around the campus on the Ball State shuttle bus.  Students can track the Ball State shuttle and check arrival times.  During the academic year, this shuttle service runs:

Monday through Friday: 7:15am to 8pm (about every 5-10 minutes)

Saturday: No shuttle service (use MITS city bus service)

Sunday: 5pm to 11pm (about every 5-10 minutes)

Request a shuttle pickup time that is at least three (3) hours before your flight departure time to allow for travel and airport security passage.  Please note:  This service is not offered during summer.

  • The university airport shuttle will pick up at two locations on campus:
    • Park Hall (east side: H-4 parking lot near the loading dock)
    • LaFollette (south entrance facing the R-2 parking lot)
  • Upon arrival at the Indianapolis International Airport, students will be dropped off at the Ground Transportation Center (Zone 1)
  • See the airport shuttle schedule
  • Make a reservation


This is another form of free campus transport.  On a first come, first serve basis, you can call for a car ride from any campus location to any campus location. Students like to use this when they have been studying late in the library and/or on a winter's evening.

  • Call 765-285-5005 or 765-760-RIDE to request a ride
  • The Charter's availability during fall and spring semesters is:
    • Sunday to Thursday: 6pm to 3am
    • Friday: 4pm to 7pm

Charlie's Charter cars do not pickup students at the football stadium until after 11:00pm.  Until that time, students use the campus shuttle buses provided.


MITS buses stop at every Ball State bus stop.  There are yellow buttons on the bus that riders can touch to request the bus driver to stop at the next bus stop.  Real time information and an online bus locator is available through a smart phone app, text, or even email alerts. 

View the MITS bus schedule

Monday through Friday: 6:15am to 9:30pm

Saturday: 7:45am to 6:27pm

Hoosier Ride travels between the L.A. Pittenger Student Center and the Indianapolis International Airport twice daily.  The cost is $11 each way ($22 round trip) and leaves at 12:35pm and 5:00pm.  The trip takes approximately 2 hours and offers free WiFi service.  

Call 1-800-544-2383 to speak with Hoosier Ride customer service between 8:00am and 5:00pm daily.

Reserve your trip online!

Catch A Ride, Inc., an express bus service developed exclusively to provide transport to Ball State University students to the Chicagoland and Merrillville areas (areas in Indiana and Illinois near to Chicago). It offers convenient nonstop service from the university to centralized, secure drop-off points within each community and limits ridership to university students.  Buses run only during holidays, semester breaks and fall breaks.

Call toll free number, (847) 498-8969, to speak with a Customer Service Representative or email ballstate@catcharide.com.

View bus schedule and purchase tickets.

You can ride a bicycle to class and explore some beautiful bike trails in Muncie and nearby communities. Cardinal Greenway is Indiana's longest span of recreational trails. The White River Greenway biking trail is also nearby and provides a scenic getaway from daily campus life.

Map of Muncie's bike lanes and trails

The cost of a new bicycle in the U.S. ranges from $80 - $574. The cost depends on the features you want.

  • Hardin's Bicycle Shop: 1725 S. Walnut Street (2.6 miles from the Student Center)
  • Kirk's Bike Shop: 124 S. Walnut Street (1.7 miles from the Student Center)
  • Target: 3601 N. Bar Street (4.2 miles from the Student Center)
  • Walmart Superstore: 4801 W. Clara Lane (2.9 miles from the Student Center)

Rent a bike

  • Call or visit Ball State University Outdoor Pursuits Office
  • Located at the east entrance to the Recreation and Wellness Center across from the rock climbing wall
  • Road bike rental is $15 daily, $25 weekend, and $50 per week
  • Mountain bike rental is $10 daily, $20 weekend, and $40 per week

If you have questions, please call 765-285-1164 or email outdrpursuit@bsu.edu

Note: Always use a lock to keep your bike safe.