Looking to join a fast-growing, diverse, and active student organization? Look no further!

We allow individuals to transcend geographical limitations and experience internationalization in the Ball State community. We bring international and multicultural student groups together by organizing roundtable meetings, training sessions, social events, and various other programs and activities.

The International Ambassadors Association (IAA) is an umbrella organization with the goal of bringing the international community together and to be an advocate for all international clubs and the needs of international students on campus.

Mission Statement

Create opportunities for international students to be involved on campus and create both fun and professional opportunities for all international students. IAA also strives to be an advocate for change and understanding by holding positions within The Student Government, Multicultural Advisory Board, and several other committees to help develop a more diverse campus climate.

The IAA was designed by Ball State students, is managed by students, and aims to serve students. We received the honor of Most Improved Student Organization of the Year at Ball State’s annual Student Organization Award ceremony in spring 2015.

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What We Do

We have a long history. Having grown tremendously in the past few years, we are a student organization that helps to bridge the gap between American and international students.

We help connect all student organizations by disseminating information and resources to other student organization members.

What Makes Us Different?

One of our unique features is that many of our members serve as presidents and vice presidents of other international or multicultural student organizations.

Those organizations remain under independent leadership; yet, we provide leadership support and create programs and opportunities for all other student groups and organizations.

We have also become a major resource for Ball State administrators and various campus units regarding international students, diversity, and programs.