To honor the legacy of Benjamin V. Cohen who passed away on August 15, 1983 and his dedication to resolving worldwide conflicts peacefully, the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at Ball State University will host a conference in Muncie, Indiana on March 27 & 28, 2020. The upcoming conference is entitled “Benjamin V. Cohen Peace Conference: Building a Beloved Community” and will:

  • promote nonviolent solutions, scholarship, and pedagogy;
  • examine conflict locally, nationally, and globally in diverse contexts;
  • educate participants about the work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our theme for this 4th Conference, “Building a Beloved Community,” is based on Dr. King’s global vision of a “Beloved Community” whereby individuals fully share in the resources available on the planet, where hunger, poverty, and homelessness are not acceptable, and racism and other types of discrimination and prejudice are eliminated and an inclusive disposition of sisterhood and brotherhood prevails.

Community activists, students, and scholars from all disciplines as well as laypersons will present, for instance, on the following topics:

  • Dr. King’s work and legacy
  • religious intolerance and/or conflict
  • community peacebuilding
  • structural violence related to race, gender, sexuality, class, and religion
  • justice and reconciliation
  • race relations
  • international peacemaking and peacebuilding
  • preventing school and university violence
  • domestic violence
  • poverty
  • law enforcement and persons of color
  • environmental preservation
  • human rights

The strategies, research, policies, and recommendations presented and discussed at the Conference linked to peacemaking and peacebuilding will serve to explore and strengthen the bridge between activism, teaching, and research.

Organized by the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies and co-sponsored by the City of Muncie with the financial support, in part, from Champions for a Safe Community.

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