Why should your department display at the Indianapolis Center?

We are here to provide Ball State departments with a resourceful exhibition space. This area is home to more than 35,000 Ball State University alumni who come to the Indianapolis Center to learn what is new at Ball State. We strive to bring the Ball State presence to the Greater Indianapolis area by hosting events, workshops, as well as providing exhibition space to departments, professors, current students, and alumni. The Indianapolis Center is located on the second busiest intersection in the entire state. Blocks away from the Indianapolis Convention Center, we receive a large quantity of vehicular and pedestrian traffic each day. Showcasing new exhibits at the Indianapolis Center is a great way to keep a current Ball State presence in the downtown area, but it also rewards the hard working students by providing a larger, diverse, metropolitan audience and could lead to potential career opportunities. 

Who should display at the Indianapolis Center?

All departments are welcome! Our mission is to bring a Ball State presence to downtown Indianapolis. Our resources have been utilized by a large number of campus departments in a variety of ways. Those departments realize not only are we an available resource, but we are useful medium between Ball State's campus and local, metropolitan businesses in Indianapolis. We bridge the gap and provide a means of communication which could lead to potential internships and careers for students. The master of urban design program is the best known exhibit at the Indianapolis Center. Many of these students are able to obtain internships or career opportunities with architecture firms simply by utilizing their presence in downtown Indianapolis. Why not give your students this same exposure? More than 12 different departments already have stakes in the Indianapolis Center's exhibition space. Join us, and showcase your department today.

 How long will the projects be displayed?

Due to the constant increasing interest in our exhibition space, the Indianapolis Center needed to implement a rotation schedule. With the aid of our large department store scale window displays, we are able to accommodate two departments at once and still maintain a logical and appealing setting. Each department will have a two full month display period and a detailed description of their projects on our website.

 What type of project displays can we have?

The Indianapolis Center has the capabilities to provide display space for both physical and digital projects. Current project display interests include but are not limited to banners, digital documentaries, posters, hanging window displays, digital images, e-textbooks, and more. For more information about what exhibition space is available to you, please contact us at 317-822-6167 or by email at greaterindy@bsu.edu.