Fireworks and the Ball State Centennial Celebration

Optimizing our university’s presence is essential for tapping into the growing community of Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Center is located on one of the busiest intersection of an area that is home to nearly a million people, with 35,000 of our own alumni among them.

By showcasing your work in our exhibit space, you can:

  • Increase your department and the university’s presence and visibility among alumni, industry professionals, and top leaders.
  • Spark curiosity.
  • Reward your students’ hard work.

Any department at Ball State may request a place to set up an exhibit.

Common Types of Exhibits

We can accommodate both physical and digital projects.

Common exhibits include:

  • banners
  • digital documentaries
  • posters
  • hanging window displays
  • digital images
  • e-textbooks
  • and more!

Exhibit Schedules

We can accommodate two departments at a time. Each department may have their display up for two months.

Request Exhibit Space

For more information about what exhibition space is available to you, please contact us at 317-759-6167 or by email.