Research committee members

David LeBlanc (chair; Biology)
Petra Zimmerman (Geography)
Klaus Neumann (Geology)
John Motloch (LA)
Don Ruch (Biology)
James Eflin (NREM)

Examples of FSEEC REsearch Projects

Reptile and amphibian survey of Ball State University properties (Tim Carter and Kamal Islam, BSU, Biology, 2008-2009)

Experimental pond mesocosms: The role of disease in ecosystems: Indirect effects of Trematodes on pond ecosystems (Randy Bernot, BSU, Biology, 2008)

Re-introducing thirteen-lined ground squirrel (Spermophilius tridecemlineatus) to Cooper Farm (Tim Carter, BSU, Biology, 2008)

Re-introducing Spring Peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) and Western Chorus Frogs (Pseudacris triseriata) to Christy Woods (Tim Carter, BSU, Biology, 2008)

Influence of different urban hardscapes on aquatic ecosystems (Melody Bernot and Randy Bernot, BSU, Biology and Martha Hunt, BSU, Landscape Architecture, 2008)

Water Quality of permanent and ephemeral streams flowing through FSEEC properties (Melody Bernot, BSU, Biology, 2007)

Vegetation monitoring in forests and prairie restoration areas on FSEEC properties (David LeBlanc and Don Ruch, BSU, Biology and Amy Gregg, BSU, NREM, 2007)