In 1946 and 1947, 16 acres were purchased by Ball State. At that time, the area was referred to as Sixteen Acres, since then it was renamed the Miller Wildlife property.

A fence was constructed along the east and north sides of the area in 1947, and in 1948 an earth ramp was built on the land side of the


This image displays part of the original name, Wildlife Preserve.
levee to access the property by car. In the spring of 1951, a class in concrete and carpentry and architectural drawing planned and constructed a shelter house on the area. A deep well, approximately 100 feet, was drilled in 1951.

During 1947 and 1948 several species of; tree and shrub were planted on the property as part of a Pittman-Robertson wildlife project. A trail system was established through the property and the large central area of the property was used for picnics by Ball State faculty and students.

Following several acts of vandalism to the property, two trailer sites were established and occupied by students to maintain security at the site. This practice was maintained until the summer 2000, when the last trailer was removed. The property is now gated and is accessible by permission only.

In 1967, 16 Amur Honeysuckle shrubs were planted. These shrubs dominated the shrub layer in the last 20 years.