The Cooper Farm is divided into two sections, the Cooper Woodland Area and Cooper Natural Area, As a whole, the Copper Farm contains distinct microenvironments that constitute a rich diversity of biological habitats for environmental education and field research.

The land use history and habitats of the Cooper Field Area reflect the diversity of habitats in east central Indiana. The area provides an excellent outdoor laboratory for hands-on environmental education.

The Cooper Woodland Area is approximately 31.5 acres, comprised of 17 acres of forest and 14 acres of secondary succession. The southern boundary is along Bethel Avenue; Eagle Branch of Jakes Creek flows east to west along the northern boundary.

The Cooper Natural Area was added to the Cooper Area in 1999. This area is comprised of approximately 23 hectares (57 acres), located between the south edge of the Cooper Woodland Area and bounded on the east by the access road to the Cooper Woodland Area. This also consists of to acres of tall grass prairie and several acres of turf, lanes and developed area.

Currently, there are no programs available at Cooper Farm. Visitation is by appointment only. Opportunities to assist with workdays and on-site management exist periodically throughout the year.

Cooper Farm offers an excellent nearby location for class trips

The Cooper Farm, one of six properties in the Field Station and Environmental Education Center, shares a common boundary with the Skinner Field Area. Together, they total 131 acres.

For more information, contact John Taylor, land manager.