This series of pages will guide you though becoming a docent in the Rinard Display Greenhouse. Our first training for Fall, 2017 is yet to be announced. Links to the materials are here. Additional materials will be posted as additional meetings/topics are scheduled. Future training to be scheduled each semester.

Training lessons

Docent Training: Overview
Docent Training Week 1: Introduction
Docent Training Week 2: Plant Anatomy
Docent Training Week 3: Tropical Ecology
Docent Training Week 4: Plant Classification, Orchid Diversity and Pollinator Interactions
Docent Training: Orchid Module - WOCSB Intro
Docent Training: Orchid Module 2 - Orchid Groups
Docent Training: Rinard Orchid Greenhouse Walkthrough Tour (Video)

Registration forms (to be returned to Docent Coordinator)

Application for Greenhouse Docents


General Orchid Outline for Docents
CWGG Docent Training Curriculum
CWGG ROGH Interpretation Guide
Docent Sign-up Link
Handout #1 - Active Learning & Problem Visitors
Handout #2 –Guide to Orchid Care and Repotting
Handout #3 – Interpretation in BSU DOMA
Handout #4 - Guide to being good tour guide, Humboldt Botanical Gardens
Handout #5 – The system of plant naming
Docent Training Module – Nomenclature: deciphering the plant naming system
Bee Mimic and Edible Orchids
Vanilla and its Pollinator

Useful Web References:

Native Orchid Pollinators
National Geographic: Orchids
Sex, Lies and Orchids
Weird Sex life of Orchids
PBS: Mimicry – The Orchid and the Bee (skip ad before video)
Bee Orchids of Europe Natural History Museum article and video
Darwin/Comet Orchid and pollination (video)
Live Science: The Bizaare Sex Life of an Orchid
Catasetum - Darwin's Bee-Trap Orchids and hair trigger mechanism video

*Videos used in Week 3 available at Bracken Library Educational Resources:
1. Tropical Rainforest (video) script by D. Lieberman, Call No.: VIDEO VHS-SP 3505 (13 minutes)
2. Rainforest Biomes (DVD) Call No.: DVD 2772 (20 minutes, pertinent unit: “Human Influence” at/near 15:00)