Become a Volunteer at the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse and the Environmental Education Center!

The Field Station & Environmental Education Center invites interested BSU students, Indiana Academy students, and community members to become a volunteer or docent for the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse and the Environmental Education Center. Volunteers and docents can assist in caring for the orchid collection, which can include weeding, repotting, and pest management, or assist in interacting with visitors in the greenhouse and the Nature Lab. 

Are you a community member interested in volunteering? If so, please e-mail the Field Station for more information.

Are you a BSU student interested in volunteering? Please fill out our student volunteer application.

To learn more about the training and forms required to become a community or BSU student volunteer, please refer to the docent forms and training materials.

Indiana Academy Students can earn community service hours at the Orchid Greenhouse and the Environmental Education Center. After completing the required paperwork by your school, please click here to select one or more time blocks to volunteer. Students are expected to show up at their selected time OR to notify the Greenhouse/Nature Lab by phone (765-285-8839) or email ( 24 hours in advance that they will not be attending. Failure to show up or notify of canceling your time block will be reported to your volunteer coordinator. 

High School volunteer answers visitor questions about monarch butterflyDocent gives tour to community members inside the Orchid GreenhouseDocents run an activity table at the Orchid Greenhouse