The Field Station and Environmental Education Center was created to provide hands-on learning and observation of nature and encourage exploration of natural processes by students of all ages. In addition, research activities are directed toward understanding the human impact on ecological processes and communities.

Our center is a collaboration of the Departments of BiologyNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementLandscape Architecture, and Geology as well as others. The FSEEC is comprised of six properties totaling 425 acres.

The Field Station and Environmental Education Center is governed by an Executive Council and a Director.  Day to day operations are run by staff with help from student workers. 

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Our Mission

We follow mission statements that cover education and outreach as well as research.

Collection Policy

Collecting of any live material on any of our six properties is tightly restricted and is by written permission only. Permission is granted by the director of the Field Station and Environmental Education Center.

Collecting restrictions include, but are not limited to:

  • any live plant material, such as:
    • leaves
    • flowers
    • tree branches
  • any animal, such as:
    • turtles or amphibian (protected by state law)
    • Insects
    • bird nests and feathers (protected by federal law)
  • any mushrooms

Our properties are unique areas that are to be used solely for educational purposes. Collecting degrades the ecosystems found within the areas, ultimately decreasing the value as an educational facility.



Tim Carter, Director of the Field Station and Environmental Education Center and Professor of Biology

Executive Council

The Executive Council functions as a governing board for all activities of the Field Station and Environmental Education Center.  Current membership includes: 

Kemuel Badger,Chairperson of the Department of Biology
Richard Fluegemen,Chairperson of the Department of Geological Sciences
Amy Gregg, Natural Resources and Environmental Management department Chair and FSEEC Executive Council Chair
Martha Hunt, Interim Chairperson of the Department of Landscape Architecture


John Taylor, Land Manager for FSEEC
Erica Forstater, Environmental Education and Greenhouse Coordinator
Sharyl Grant, Operational Coordinator for FSEEC
Carol Day, Orchid Collection Curator
Erica Oliver, FSEEC Environmental Education Program Coordinator & Rinard Orchid Greenhouse Assistant