Fall 2021 Speakers

The Fall 2021 Entrepreneurial Experience Lecture Series occurs in the Teachers College room 121 from 11:00-12:15pm.

Patrick Spencer

September 2, 2021

Pat Spencer

Patrick Spencer is Managing Director, Moneytree Software, An Accutech Company. This organization was acquired in June 2019 and has been an established provider of financial planning software to the Investment Advisor/RIA market since 1981. Pat joined Accutech in May 2020 and brings more than 12 years of retail/commercial banking experience and 19 years of business development and management experience in technology. His career has focused on managing teams and transforming them for the next level by working collaboratively across the organization. Working mostly on the business development side of the organization, he has led sales teams and managed Strategic Alliances. Pat has also led service organizations including Development, Product, Project Management, Client Success, Client Support and Training. His career has focused on working with organizations desiring growth and enjoys the challenge of building the right culture and the right team.

Prior to joining Moneytree, Pat was Vice President, East Region, for InterVision Systems, a leading strategic service provider focused on transforming datacenter technology with proven cloud IT strategies.

Pat graduated magna cum laude from Ball State University with BS degrees in both Psychological Science (Organizational Behavior) and Management Science (Entrepreneurship). He also holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from Indiana University and resides in Indianapolis, IN with his wife. 

Amy Oviedo

September 9, 2021

Amy Oviedo is the Founder and CEO of Recruiting Experiences. The organization was founded to help companies simplify their hiring process and to train the next generation of recruiting professionals. Recruiting Experiences should be efficient, grounded in avoiding natural bias, data-driven, and kind.

After 'falling into recruiting' like so many other recruiting professionals, she developed a passion for identifying top talent and building high-performance teams in technology-focused companies. She has over 20 years of focused Talent Acquisition and Training & Development experience. She led global Talent Acquisition and Internal Mobility for PSAV, a $1Billlion private organization with over 1000 locations worldwide. Most recently, she served is Vice President of People Operations for Kinney Group, an Indianapolis-based Federal contractor. Amy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication from Ball State University.

Bob Galyen

September 23, 2021

Robert (Bob) L. Galyen is recognized as one of the top executives in the battery energy storage world and science/engineering-based communities. He is a highly sought-after public speaker as a subject matter expert. His positions as CTO of CATL (the world’s largest battery manufacturer), Chairman of SAE International Battery Standards Steering Committee, SAE Fellow, Chairman Emeritus and CTO of NAATbatt International, provides him a unique leadership perspective in the global battery industry. His degrees in chemistry and biology, along with decades of engineering experience and executive roles, provides him a unique view in a leadership or consulting role in cross functional technology areas. He has patents, publications and participates on multiple BOD’s and TAB’s. The 44 years’ international work experience has given him a visionary perspective on worldwide business, making him uniquely qualified as a global energy storage and scientific/engineering community thought leader. Bob is married with 3 children and 7 grandchildren.   

Joe Bradley

October 28, 2021

Joe Bradley is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Bioengineering, Health Innovation Professor at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine, and Lecturer in the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He teaches or has taught courses in engineering design, engineering projects, new product development, value chain management, and intellectual property management strategy. Joe is also a co-founder of Sun Buckets, Inc. (www.sunbuckets.com). Sun Buckets develops, builds, and commercializes thermal energy storage technologies and products primarily targeting energy scarcity in developing regions. Sun Buckets products are being, deployed, tested, and used in six countries.


His research focuses is on technology management and product development – how information is used and managed within a product development system from concept to commercialization. He is interested in challenges at the interface of product development, technology management, intellectual property management, and entrepreneurship. This includes a number of sectors from consumer goods to healthcare.

Joe earned his bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, his master’s in Mechanical Engineering (minor Electrical Engineering) from Iowa State University, and his MBA and PhD in Systems and Entrepreneurial Engineering both from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Adam Hayes

November 11, 2021

Adam has been able to carve out a niche for himself through the building of strong and fruitful relationships. He was at the helm of Grey Matter Marketing for 4 years before branching out and starting a high performance marketing company - The Hayes Group - in 2003. With a focus in demand generation and growth marketing with new-fangled technologies, he has used old-fangled relationship building to establish what has become a successful and highly respected performance marketing venture.



Kimberly Ferguson

November 18, 2021

Kimberly Howe Ferguson is a native Hoosier and Ball State University graduate who resides in Muncie, Indiana. Kimberly is the founder and owner of Pink Leaf: A Learning Company, the owner of Patterson Block Muncie, and several real estate holding companies. She is passionate about women investing in small businesses, themselves, and their futures. Kimberly is a wife, mother of two, and is proud to be raising her family and investing in Central Indiana. Find out more about Kimberly and her projects at www.kimberlyhoweferguson.com.

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Félix Medina

January 28, 2021

Félix is the founder and CEO of Human&Kind, where he provides resources, and services to people in search of a positive change. He works by sharing insights on how to improve happiness, consciousness, mental health, and much more. Félix is passionate about improving the overall mental stability of Indiana, and the rest of the world. He focuses on adult men and women who want to see a change within themselves, making sure those he is serving connect to a new higher consciousness and therefore to an elevated vibration of happiness. 

 When Felix is not working on Human&Kind, you’ll find him traveling, drinking a coffee [or two], reading a book, looking at a map, mountaineering, camping, birdwatching, listening to music, and meditating.

Angelia White-Stone

February 4, 2021

Angelia White Stone is a mother of three and the CEO and Editor of Hope Magazine, a unique publication created and launched in 2005 for women going on a journey of self-discovery, and is headquartered in Muncie, IN. Since then, she has become a prolific publisher, editor, social media influencer, and writer, publishing her first book Yes Sisters: Surrounding Yourself with Women Who Affirm, Encourage, and Challenge You in 2020.


Dan Rockwell

February 18, 2021

Always curious and a bit of a self -starter, Dan Rockwell co-founded Big Kitty Labs in 2009 after being told it would cost a quarter of a million dollars to make an idea come to life. Simply put, not true, and the journey of making things began. Soon he began to catch the eye of leading media giants in tech like TechCrunch and was giving talks on prototyping. Soon more crazy people joined him. He and his crew specialize in the whole software gamut building websites, prototypes, apps and more for Fortune 500 companies like Honda, to the average American with a dream in their head. While anyone can make software, few can see the multiple fates of a product like the Big Kitty team having helped build over 75+ startups in 12 years. Dan's key skills are ideation, future-remixing, intellectual property, tech relationships, momentum culture. He’s a known super-connector of the Central Ohio startup scene and enjoys his off time (as if there is any), playing electronic music, enjoying his cats, conducting crazy experiments on fiverr, and his wife and her yarn rabbit in Columbus, Ohio. 

Chris Joyce

March 25, 2021

Chris is founder of 24 companies in high tech, consumer goods, health, and manufacturing. His products have been sold in more than 11,000 stores in 23 countries. He has users of his tech products in 148 countries across the globe.

His newest venture is Gusher. “Having started many companies I kept running into the same issue over and over...the best ideas and entrepreneurs were not getting funded and their ideas never saw the light of day. These entrepreneurs weren't getting funded for the most idiotic of reasons...they were not in the right city, or they didn't have the right connections, or they didn't attend the right school, they didn't "look" a certain way, they were too old, they were too young, they were the wrong gender or race, they didn't have the right experience, the right team, or or or or or...you name it and they were rejected because of it. But rarely was the true reason they were rejected because of their idea.

I believe great ideas can come from anyone anywhere. And I believe the market and not venture capitalists should be the judge of whether or not these ideas see the light of day.

So I created Gusher. Gusher is the simple, quick, and easy way to create and build a startup. Without the need for investors. Without the need for capital. How? Gusher helps Entrepreneurs create and launch startups using performance equity. We have hundreds of founders and companies from across the globe. Everything from technology, media, and health to design, finance, and gaming.“

Darius Norwood

April 8, 2021

Darius Norwood is a serial entrepreneur building an eco-system at the intersection of the entertainment and real estate industries with his company Norwood & Co. After founding the nationally recognized Coca-Cola-sponsored Music Festival, ChirpFest at Ball State University; Norwood gained his business intellect from his time specializing in business development managing $10M+ territories with multiple Fortune 500 companies. 

Now as a corporate dropout, Norwood provides a framework for brands to scale their business through storytelling in a way that aligns with their audience to drive demand, create buyers and loyalty. Norwood is also the podcast co-host of “All Things Career;” a show full of career hacks that helps professionals climb the corporate ladder and full of frameworks that entrepreneurs can directly apply while building their business. In his free, time you can most likely find Norwood in the gym listening to audiobooks or spending time with his college sweetheart, Kirsten.

Vineet Erasala, Manny Setegn, & Peeyush Shrivastava

April 15, 2021 

Vineet Ersala

Vineet is a proven product focused executive, specializing in full lifecycle medical device development and commercial access. A co-founder of Genetesis, Inc., He is highly proficient in technical and corporate strategy implementation efforts in fast-paced teams building breakthrough technology. At Genetesis, Vineet has effectively organized and managed teams in a variety of cross functional disciplines, including hardware engineering, executive management, manufacturing and field service operations, investor relations, and quality management in order to guide the company's biomagnetic technology through the R&D, manufacturing, and regulatory lifecycles. Vineet has a background in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, with several years of experience in biomedical research, medical devices, and electronics engineering.

Manny Setegn

Manny Setegn is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Genetesis, Inc. He studied Computer Science and Engineering + Economics at the Ohio State University, for 2 years before taking a leave of absence to pursue Genetesis as a full-time opportunity. He has approximately 9 years of programming experience, and 7 years in a professional setting. His background is in applied image processing, segmentation, reconstruction, and 3D imaging using a variety of complex algorithms to solve problems in medical computing. During the inception of Genetesis, he used his background to implement early forms of our system architecture to rapidly develop prototypes of 3D image viewers of hearts segmented from a 3D stack of MRI/CT images. Furthermore, he co-registered our proprietary datasets onto these anatomical images to provide further functional insights. More recently, he's adapted his skill set to be broadly applicable to include Web Development/Programming, System Architecture Design and Implementation, DevOps, Cloud technologies, and general end to end software delivery. He's been applying his cross-functional skill set to lead a team of skilled engineers with many disciplines to deliver the CardioFlux MCG to the mass market.  

Peeyush Shrivastava

Peeyush Shrivastava has 8 years of experience as a serial medical device entrepreneur and technologist. He currently serves as co-founder and CEO of Genetesis, where he has raised over $20 million in venture capital financing and led the company through FDA approval and commercial launch of its flagship product, CardioFlux. Prior to Genetesis, Peeyush co-founded and served as the inaugural Chief Strategy Officer of Proscia, a leading digital health company where he managed business development efforts. Peeyush studied Biomedical Science at The Ohio State University, but left early to pursue his entrepreneurial efforts as a Thiel Fellow. 

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Dee Parson

September 3, 2020

Dee Parson

Dee is an award-nominated cartoonist and animator based in Indiana. His resume includes a syndicated newspaper comic strip titled “Life With Kurami,” published and Gylph-nominated comic book/animated series “Pen & Ink,” and published comic strip “Rosebuds.” All his works follow the theme of “love” in their own ways, as he tries to bring love to others with his characters. When he’s not creating, he’s teaching comic book workshops to children, teens, and adults at various schools, libraries, and art museums. He also collects too many Garfield books.


Chris Cammack

September 10, 2020

Christopher Cammack

Christopher Cammack, a Ball State University business grad, has the unique ability to see the value of properties by envisioning their future state. Due to his real estate experience, Cammack Estates has become one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Indiana. His entrepreneurial drive, paired with his keen talent for securing residential and commercial properties, has been the key factor in his overall success. The foundation of Cammack Estates was inspired by cross-functional team collaboration through Cammack’s strategic leadership skills and his networking abilities learned during his roles in Fortune 500 Companies. Christopher’s passion is to live his life by educating and assisting others on how to build their real estate empire. In 2019, Christopher purchased over 50 properties and built many key relationships in the real estate industry allowing him to grow the business at a rapid rate.

Tony Galati

September 24, 2020

Tony Galati

Tony Galati is an information technology professional, entrepreneur, teacher, and business leader who is revolutionizing vocational education in the US through the creation of MyComputerCareer.edu, a remarkable career college that has rapidly become one of the largest vocational colleges dedicated to computer networking and security in the country. From its first campus in 2008 to the construction of six campuses in four states and its current national expansion in the online learning space, Galati’s vision of “changing lives generationally through careers in Information Technology” is being fulfilled by thousands of grateful students each year. A career-changer himself, Mr. Galati was a graduate of the BYU Marriott School of Management. He began his career in accounting but after a few years had his fill of crunching numbers. Not only was his income not keeping up with the needs of his growing family, but his job satisfaction was declining. With the help of a friend tutoring him in a makeshift basement “classroom,” Tony was able to transition into the Information Technology field as a help-desk technician in the early ‘90s and quickly rose through the ranks. For more than a decade as an instructor for many of the most prominent training companies in America, Tony built a successful career teaching technology skills to other IT professionals. Inspired by a strong desire to help others improve their quality of life, Tony founded MyComputerCareer and changed his focus to serve non-technical career changers. Built on a conviction that he could teach necessary technical skills to anyone with a desire to learn , and with a commitment to the values of Integrity, Customer First, Love, and Excellence, the school has blossomed in the ensuing decade.

Leslie Galbreath

October 29, 2020

Leslie Galbreath

Leslie is an accredited public relations strategist with extensive experience in all facets of marketing communications. She consistently uses research and data to help global clients develop strategy, craft brand identities, sell complex products and build lifetime customer relationships. As chief executive officer of dgs Marketing Engineers, Leslie oversees the overall strategic planning, creative development, public relations and digital communications activities for the agency and its global clients. With the launch of her bold, new venture, Magenta Marketing Communications, she collaborates with local businesses and nonprofits to blend fresh ideas with proven strategies to make businesses thrive and create better communities. Leslie holds degrees in political science and Japanese from Ball State University and does ongoing graduate work at Georgetown University in the fields of public relations and corporate communications. She is a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the National Association of Women’s Business Owners (NAWBO), the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and Women in Manufacturing. Leslie serves on the board of trustees for the Reshoring Initiative and the Indianapolis Civic Theatre. Leslie is co-chair of the accreditation committee for Hoosier PRSA and a member of the public service committee. Leslie was named a Rising Star by the Indianapolis Star Press in 2012. She is a frequent guest speaker on a wide range of strategic communication topics at local and national industry events. Recent speaking engagements include the Association of Manufacturing Technology’s Global Forecasting and Marketing Conference, Gardner Publications’ Top Shops, Indianapolis She Should Run as well as a series of marketing communications workshops designed for local non-profits and sponsored by United Way of Central Indiana.

Erin Hill

November 12, 2020

Erin HIllErin Hill is the owner of Lois Pearl, a boutique for women located in Yorktown, IN. She began Lois Pearl as a line of handmade clothing for girls, in the basement of her home in 2009. The line quickly grew through events, wholesale, and online. Upon moving back to her hometown of Yorktown in 2011, she moved into the Lois Pearl space on Smith Street in her home town of Yorktown, and set it up as a sewing studio. As her brand grew through word of mouth, local residents began requesting shopping appointments, and the Lois Pearl Boutique was born. Supporting local women in business and featuring their work in the store is the heart of Lois Pearl. The business is named after Erin's great grandmother Pearl, who started their family farm in Yorktown, and grandmother Lois, who owned a flower shop just down the road from the boutique's current location. Growing up arranging flowers, making deliveries, and watching her grandmother help clients sparked Erin's passion for caring for her customers. Prior to "stumbling into" Lois Pearl, Erin graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Agricultural Economics. She went on to study International Agricultural Economics at the University of Illinois, and worked in the food sales and marketing industry for several years. Erin resides in Yorktown, IN with her two children, Nate and Evy, and husband Matt. When she's not at the boutique you can find her in their barn, working with the family's show heifers and goats. A farmer at heart, Erin can often be found entertaining customers with stories about their herd of critters. You may just find few farm photos mixed in with the latest styles on the Lois Pearl social media pages.

Jonathan Darling

November 19, 2020

Jonathan Darling is a graduate of Ball State University and is the founder of Impact Leadership and the Impact Knoxville Leadership Conference. After being turned down for 14 TEDx speaking events, Jonathan decided that there had to be another platform for speakers and thought leaders to share their ideas and impact the world around them. Jonathan decided to start a leadership speaking conference that inspires leaders of every age, position, and profession to make a massive impact on their teams, companies, and communities. All proceeds for the event are then donated to a local non-profit that is dedicated their local community and region. His first event, after just 3 months of preparation, brought in over two thousand dollars and 90 attendees. Impact Knoxville 2020 is slated to have over 300 attendees, while raising close to $50k. The goal is to one day have Impact Events in major cities across the globe engaging and impacting leaders and helping support the efforts of other nonprofits. Jonathan is also a contributor to multiple publications and has been featured on over 9 podcasts. He has been interviewed on international radio and has spoken at schools, companies, universities and more as an expert on love and leadership.