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2018 Newsletters
Registration is Open! (1/17/18)
Publishers Weekly Review for Parnell Hall (1/24/18)
A Flight in Time-Charles Todd (2/16/18)
The Corpse in Fibber McGee's Closet (2/26/18)
Catching Up with William Kent Krueger (3/7/18)
Philip Kerr (4/2/18)
Obituary for a Dear Magna cum Murderer (5/5/18)
Book News for Andrew Taylor (5/14/18)

2017 Newsletters
Tales of the Star Republic
Author Spotlight: Laurence Shames (2/27/17)
Master Chef Rino Baglio (4/12/17)
Charles Todd Receives the Mary Higgins Clark Award (5/3/17)
Reavis Wortham Book News (7/28/17)
Registered Authors for Magna 2017 (8/9/17)
Update from Molly Weston (8/18/17)
Rooming Information and Thanks to our Sponsors (9/8/17)
Hotel Information for Magna XXIII (9/12/17)
Terence Faherty visits E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center (9/25/17)
Magna Announcements (9/29/17)
Peter Lovesey Wins Prestigious Award (11/22/17)

2016 Newsletters
Happy New Year and onward to Magna XXII!
Congratulations 2015 GOH Simon Brett! (1/8/16)
Sara Paretsky to introduce 2016 GOH Natasha Cooper (2/11/16)
E-newsletter correction (2/12/16)
Our apologies (2/17/16)

Maureen Jennings' "Murdoch Mysteries" (2/22/16)
More news from GOH Maureen Jennings (3/14/16)
Watch GOH Natasha Cooper discuss her novel Prey to All (4/5/16)
News of Magna friend Roberta Gellis (4/21/16)
Read Natasha Cooper's Crime Review Column (4/27/16)
Catching up with former GOH John Gilstrap (5/2/16)
Tim Hallinan coming to Magna XXII (5/9/16)
Sympathies to family of Magna friend Roberta Gellis (5/12/16)
Hotel Information for Magna II (5/12/16)
Natasha's Photograph on Display (6/9/16)
Robert Wilson's New Book Release (7/1/16)
John Gilstrap's Book News  (7/13/16)
Book News for William Kent Krueger (