A Message from Adrian Muller, Co-Organizer of CRIMEFEST
CRIMEFEST is thrilled to continue its association with Magna cum Murder. Having organized the one-off visit of the American Left Coast Crime convention to the UK in 2006, Myles Allfrey, Donna Moore and myself created CRIMEFEST to ensure that there continued to be a British event where readers and writers from around the world could socialize and celebrate crime fiction. A further aim was to promote and increase the general readership of the genre. A collaboration with a well-established and highly respected festival like Magna cum Murder is a perfect way to achieve these aims. Whilst benefiting from Magna cum Murder's experience, CRIMEFEST will reciprocate by providing its own expertise in certain areas. We hope this will be the perfect match to discover, rediscover and celebrate the authors and community that make us love crime fiction as much as we do. 

First organized in June 2008, CRIMEFEST has not only become one of the biggest crime fiction events in Europe, but also one of the most popular dates in the international crime fiction calendar. The annual convention was featured as one of the ‘best crime-writing festivals around the world’ in the Guardian and one of the ‘50 Best Festivals’ in the Independent. CRIMEFEST draws top crime novelists, readers, editors, publishers and reviewers from around the world and gives delegates the opportunity to celebrate the genre in an informal atmosphere.

This year's CRIMEFEST will be held May 17-20, in Bristol, UK. You may register online or mail in your registration form.