BSU Geothermal Conference
GEOCON III: The Challenges and Benefits of Geothermal Retrofits of Existing Buildings

Going Underground On Campus: Tapping the Earth for Clean, Efficient Heating and Cooling
This guide features examples from more than 160 campuses in 42 states, examining ground-source heat pumps, direct geothermal, aquifer and lake-based, geothermal electricity, and earth-sheltered buildings.

Geothermal in the News
A section of the State Geothermal Data website - Review the latest on geothermal projects nationwide.

Ground-Source Geothermal Talks, Presentations and Papers
A section of the State Geothermal Data website - Items include presentations from the initial BSU geothermal gathering in November of 2011.  Citations for other presentations and papers are accessable as well.


Contact the Conference Team at or by calling 765-285-2772.