The program, featuring The Okala Project, was rescheduled for the December meeting.


Action Items

– Sheryl Swingley, the COTE representative for Ball State's College of Communication, Information and Media, presented the results of the COTE membership survey. Approximately 75 percent of the council members returned their surveys. The survey results will help the COTE Marketing Subcommittee plan COTE-sponsored activities.

–The Green Report Card for 2011, issued by the Sustainability Endowments Institute,, was presented. Ball State received an overall grade of C+. Low grades were for student involvement, C; endowment transparency, F; and shareholder engagement, F.

–Stacy Wheeler, Ball State's new sustainability specialist in the office of Kevin Kenyon, associate vice president for facilities planning and management at Ball State, reported that the 2010 Resident Hall Energy Challenge was now under way. Nine residence halls are competing and weekly reports of the progress in dialing down energy use will be made on the ‘Mapping Sustainability’ web site.

–COTE Members Adopted three new sustainability-action resolutions:
    –To reinstall "Green" for Green Summer Workshops
    –To invite J. Carl Ganter from Circle of Blue as a Bracken Environmental Lectureship speaker
    –To employ a pilot test of a building dashboard to provide real-time energy use information to building occupants, with the goal of helping them to achieve energy conservation.

–A Ball State Greening of the Campus Conference 9 was announced for the fall of 2011. The conference will return to the Ball State campus; the 2009 GOC 8 was in Indianapolis.


–Council members were asked to start submitting nominations for the Academic Year COTE awards, which will be celebrated during Earth Week of 2011 at a dinner event.

–Council members were asked to monitor their assigned AASHE discussion groups and be prepared to report findings at future meetings.

Member reports:

–Vivian Bogue, a graduate student member of COTE, reported on a presentation that Dr. Michelle Glowacki-Dudka made at AACE about "Sustainable Learning Communities and the Council on the Environment." The presentation was based on research Dudka and Bogue conducted. Dudka is the COTE representative for Teachers College.

The next COTE meeting is Monday, Dec. 6.



The Council on the Environment provides support for sustainability initiates at Ball State University and the surrounding community. COTE also provides a forum for the exchange of information pertaining to sustainability – the interweaving of social, economic and environmental issues, strives to increase awareness of the sustainability implications of university and community operations, facilitates communication and education about sustainability issues, and celebrates university and community sustainability achievements.