April 2011 Update 
There were two great articles on the front page of the Friday, April 22, issue of The StarPress. They were about Ball State and sustainability activities.
First, Princeton Review has named Ball State among 311 of the nation’s greenest campuses, which will be celebrated at the May COTE meeting. Students can now minor in sustainability at Ball State. The contact person for this new minor is Dr. John Vann, who is the green initiatives coordinator and a resource person for COTE and a professor in the Department of Marketing.
The other StarPress article covered COTE’s 10th Anniversary dinner on April 19 and the 41st anniversary of Earth Day. A PDF of the 10th Anniversary program that lists COTE award winners for 2010-11 can be found in the Awards Section of this website. If you have nominees for COTE’s 2011-12 awards, please find a nomination form on the COTE website.

Coming up at the May 2 COTE meeting will be a presentation by Journalism Distinguished Professor Jennifer Palilonis. She will show work her journalism graphics students have produced during the fall and spring semesters for Circle of Blue, the organization J. Carl Ganter co-founded. Ganter was the speaker for the Bracken Environmental Lectureship for 2011.

Other COTE programs during the spring semester were as follows:
–In February, Dr. Gwen White’s Building Better Communities group members presented their Global Reporting Initiative report. More than 1,600 organizations in the world produce GRI reports. Only one other U.S. university has produced such a report. Dr. White is an accounting professor in the College of Business.
–In March, Dean Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco from the College of Architecture made a presentation in which he noted that lifestyles need to change. Students can’t follow in their parents’ footsteps. He said, “Sustainability needs to be nested in all our beliefs.” (Note: Dr. John Jacobsen from the Teachers College was the first Academic Dean to present to COTE did so during the December 2010 meeting.)
–In April, members from the Computer Technology Student Organization presented their project on cost initiatives that could lower the power consumption of desktop and laptop computers on campus.

COTE during spring semester celebrated (reflected, shared) the following:
–Ball State was one of 25 schools in the nation to participate in Focus on the Nation on Feb. 24. It was a one-day, on-campus sustainability conference that featured speakers from around the state and Canada.
–More than 10 “in-the-trenches” letters have been sent by COTE to congratulate personnel on campus for their sustainability efforts.
–Each of the COTE members will have given a report about the sustainability efforts of the constituency he or she represents by the end of the academic year.

During the spring semester, COTE facilitated (endorsed, recommended) the following:
–The first Residence Hall Energy Challenge, which saved 48,000 kilowatt hours (equivalent to lighting four homes 24 hours a day for a year); the second challenge took place in March/April (Results are for both are available on the web:
http://thebeat.iweb.bsu.edu/energychallenge-standings.html. The event is organized by members of the Ball State Energy Action Team (BEAT) under the mentorship of Stacy Wheeler in Facilities.
–Encouraged the university to bring to campus this April J. Carl Ganter from Circle of Blue as the speaker for the 2011 Bracken Environmental Lectureship.
–Passed a resolution to reduce mercury use on campus

COTE during spring semester anticipated (planned, announced) as follows:
–A number of useful webcasts (see list) 
     Power Shift 2011: April 15 http://energyactioncoalition.org/powershift2011// 
     BD+C Magazine Webcast: “Greening the Campus” April 21 @ 2 PM EDT
–Attendance at national sustainability conferences
–The next Ball State Greening of the Campus 9 on March 18-22, 2012
See full list of COTE membership on the home page: http://www.bsu.edu/cote