The Child Study Center (CSC) is a lab school for university students to engage in scholarly guided experiential learning with children in an infant/toddler and preschool setting. The CSC first became accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in 1998. The program was one of the first 87 programs in the nation to become reaccredited under the new NAEYC accreditation guidelines in 2007. The CSC became home-licensed in March 2010 and began enrolling children with full-time options for fall and spring semesters. Having become licensed, the CSC became eligible to sign up with the Indiana Family and Social Service Agency’s Paths-to-Quality program. The center is now on Level 4 Paths to QUALITY accredited provider. 

Within our website, you will find information on the following: Enrollment, Locations/Directions, Registration/Tuition, Diversity/Special Needs, Program Policies, and Family Communicaton and Helpful Tips. Additional pages will provide information specific to the Infant/Toddler program, Preschool program, CSC Staff, and College Students.

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