Who are the lab students?
The Child Study Center is a cooperative effort to coordinate class lecture with on-site experience. Students in FCSFC 265 and FCSFC 275 combine knowledge gained in the classroom with observations of children enrolled at the Center. These students participate as lab students. The Center has two programs for young children: the Infant/Toddler Program and the Preschool Program.

FCFC 265: Infant and Toddler Development and Education course students participate 2.75 hours each week with the infants and toddlers. Assignments such as daily reports, lab activities and developmental assessment exercises with the children are completed.

FCFC 275: Child Development course students participate 3 hours each week in the preschool program. Assignments include skill enhancement activities, completing lab assignments that are coordinated with class lecture, and implementing guidance and self-discipline techniques with children while engaging in play.