Helping communities with preservation planning is a top priority for the Center for Historic Preservation.  Whether for an entire community or for an individual building, the planning process is an important first-step for communities whose goals are associated with successful and sustainable preservation efforts.  The most successful projects are those supported by a great deal of careful planning. The Center for Historic Preservation offers two types of preservation plans: 1) the community or neighborhood/district plan, and 2) the individual building plan.

  • The Center for Historic Preservation helps communities preserve their sense of place by developing design and rehabilitation plans that conscientiously manage the way their buildings are repaired, restored, and rehabilitated.
  • Plans also help building owners change a historic resource to fit their needs while fitting in with the surrounding historic context.
  • Preservation planning and design assistance provided by the Center helps communities plan a course of action that preserves their built environment, increases heritage tourism, and revitalizes key historic resources.

Planning for Your Community
For your community, the center offers a range of preservation planning services, including community preservation plans, historic resource surveys, design guidelines and National Register nominations.  The community or neighborhood/district plan serves as a planning document. It can include a survey of an area’s existing resources and its condition, traffic or parking studies, and recommendations on how to develop the area’s potential.  Our staff works closely with local community leaders, planning offices, and neighborhood groups to establish a focused, yet holistic, approach that will use a community’s historic resources to enhance future progress.

Planning for Your Building
Preservation plans for an individual building are as important as a complex plan for an entire community.  For your building, we offer a range of preservation services: building preservation plans, historic structure reports, maintenance plans, adaptive use studies, pro formas, condition assessments and facade rehabilitation studies.  The individual building preservation plans created by the Center for Historic Preservation help individual building owners prepare for restoration, rehabilitation, or renovation projects by creating in-depth surveys of a building’s historic, architectural, and artistic elements, but also help building owners assess what's wrong with the building, how to fix the building and the steps that need to be taken to correct any issues.  Our preservation plans have also included a prioritized listing of elements in need of repair and detailed histories of past building uses and owners.