CASD provides parents of children with ASD training experiences to help them manage the challenges that often emerge at different stages of children’s development (e.g., preschool, childhood, adolescence, adulthood).

We currently offer participation in the following parent training projects.

  • Parent Training – The Need for Coaching
    This project provides web-based training to parents who want their children to listen more effectively when told what to do. In addition to web-based training, half of the parents also receive direct coaching on how to get their children to follow instructions. This project allows us to determine how important individual coaching and feedback is to improving instruction-following.
  • Parent Training – Parental Empowerment
    This project also provides web-based training for parents. The Center’s goal is to determine if this training imparts knowledge about effective treatments to parents and if parents are more confident about approaching school systems to request effective treatment for their children.

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