Graham Watson

Graham Watson

Web Development Manager



Room:WB 149

Graham Watson is the web development manager for the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University. He develops websites and web applications for CBER, the Miller College of Business, and the Muncie community. A graduate of Ball State University, he earned a bachelor's degree in computer science. 

As part of the CBER publications staff, Watson played in integral role in developing the 2008 AUBER award-winning website Indiana County Profiles. 

Watson is heavily involved in the Muncie community, having spent over a combined decade as a director of both the Muncie Arts and Culture Council and the Full Circle Arts Co-op, as Full Circle's corporate secretary, as a member of Task Force 3 of the Muncie Action Plan, as the co-founder and director of Muncie MusicFest, and as the developer of the Muncie Events calendar network.

In his spare time, Watson studies several martial arts and, since 2008, has worked with the Ball State University Martial Arts Club to put on women's self-defense and sexual assault prevention programs and, since fall 2014, has taught a weekly class in Filipino knife, stick, and sword fighting for the Ball State Martial Arts Club. Watson has also hosted a game show called Trivia Brawl in Muncie every Sunday night since fall 2007 and hosts a wide variety of other live entertainment events in both Muncie and Indianapolis. Watson also works as a licensed fugitive recovery agent, or bounty hunter, for bail bond companies in Muncie and throughout Indiana.

As a student, he served as the president of Ball State Student Art Development and a member of University Senate; Campus Council; Campus Activities Fund Board; Creative Arts committee; Information Technology committee; Traffic Appeals subcommittee; Student Rights, Ethics, and Standards committee; Student Senate; and the executive branch of the Student Government Association. Watson is also a former organizer of Yart and the Muncie and Anderson chapters of Food Not Bombs and served on the advisory board of the Midwest Music Summit.