Request for Teaching Proposals

CAP:IC is now accepting proposals to teach professional development and community enrichment courses for the second quarter 2010. 

Proposals are due February 22.

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The program is built on a modular model of bringing in faculty and professionals to teach courses. Quarterly, CAP:IC (College of Architecture and Planning: Indianapolis Center) will issue a request for teaching proposals to Ball State faculty and Indianapolis-area professionals.

Selection Process

CAP:IC will select course proposals for inclusion in the next quarters’ schedule that demonstrate potential for favorable enrollment numbers, meeting requirements of state and/or professional association continuing education requirements and maintaining relevance to community or professional trends. Upon selection of a course, CAP:IC staff will work with you on curriculum development and scheduling. CAP:IC will handle all marketing and professional development credit registration.

Course Time Format

Courses formats include a single one to two hour session, a recurring one to two hour sessions, a half-day workshop or a full-day workshop.  Courses will be held at the Ball State Indianapolis Center in downtown Indianapolis except in cases where site-specific venues are more appropriate. Courses may also use Web-conferencing technology.


All Ball State faculty and staff, and all Indianapolis-area professionals with relevant experience, credentials or qualifications, are eligible to teach.  Experience, credentials or qualifications will be evaluated for quality assurance and control.


For each hour of instruction, you will receive a stipend of $125. That stipend is increased by 5% for each enrolled student above 19. For example, the stipend for 19 students would be $125 (100%), $131.25 for 20 students (105%), and $193.75 for 30 students (155%). 

Current Requests for Teaching Proposals

CAP:IC is currently accepting requests for teaching proposals for the second quarter 2010. Proposals are due February 22, 2010. Download RFP.