Community enrichment courses are designed to deepen understanding in topics related to the built environment for neighborhood leaders, proactive Indianapolis residents, and allied constituents by providing courses for personal or organizational enrichment.

Examples of Community Enrichment Programs

Community enrichment courses provide hands-on skills, critical thinking abilities, or knowledge that community residents can take home and use to improve their homes, businesses, or neighborhoods. Programs might teach a specific skill, such as how to build a rain garden or how to advocate for mixed-use development in their neighborhood. They may educate about a process, such as how zoning works and how neighborhoods can respond to development proposals.  Or they may provide core knowledge and critical-thinking skills that empower participants to work more effectively at improving their neighborhoods.

For example, CAP:IC's Green Ambassador Certificate Program provides core knowledge about living a more sustainable lifestyle by discussing renewable energy, sustainable reporting, local foods, lifestyle changes, and the outdoor environment. 

Companion Community Enrichment Offerings

The Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center offers the Indianapolis Community Building Institute, a neighborhood leadership development program that helps neighborhood residents understand, engage, and lead their neighborhoods.