Local government consolidation is a topic on the minds of many cities, townships, and counties as they look for cost-saving measures.  We approach the subject as an unbiased researcher, evaluating the data and predicting the impacts of a possible consolidation of government services. 

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Local Government Consolidation in New Jersey: Potential Savings Due to Economies of Scale & Efficiency Gains
This study provides estimates of the potential savings from consolidating local government units in New Jersey. Part 1 examines data on local government units in New Jersey and surrounding states. Part 2 estimates the potential savings from consolidating school districts in New Jersey.

This study was produced for the New Jersey Association of REALTORS© Governmental Research Foundation.

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Local Government Reform in Indiana
(2009 AUBER Award of Excellence in Publications)

In response to calls for local government reform, the Kernan-Shepard Commission was instituted, and in December 2007, it issued a report (formally titled Streamlining Local Government). Its recommendations contain broad and far-reaching changes to the administration of local government in Indiana. This study attempts to address the potential impact of consolidation on the costs of local government.