The condition of the labor market is a critical aspect of the health of any regional economy. Not only is it useful for policy makers to know the current state of their labor market, it is useful to have insight into where that market might be headed in the future as well.

About Labor Market Data
Labor market data is now available to provide insight into the actual workings of state and local area labor markets. The Local Employment Dynamics (LED) program is a partnership between the Census Bureau and state labor market information agencies that produces dynamic labor market information at the state and sub-state level. The data series produced by the partnership are called Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) and supply statistics on employment, job creation, turnover, and earnings by industry, age, and gender.

Eight QWI variables are published and kept up to date by the LED consortium. The time series mostly begin in the second quarter of 1998 and extend currently through the third quarter of 2006.

Labor Market Forecast:

Labor Market Forecast:
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