Kristin Barry, Ph.D.- Assistant Professor of Architecture
          Physical interpretation of history through applied design

Jessi Haeft, Ph.D.- Assistant Professor of Natural Resource and Environmental Management
          Pedology, Soils Classification, Sustainable Agriculture

Ronald Hicks, Ph.D.- Professor of Anthropology
          Late Neolithic through Iron Age Ireland, Pre-Christian Religion of Ireland

Mark Hill, Ph.D.- Assistant Professor of Anthropology
          Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology, CRM, Exchange Systems

S. Homes Hogue, Ph.D.- Professor of Anthropology
          Human Osteology, Faunal Analysis

JP Hall, M.S.- Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation

Caitlyn Leonardson-Placek, Ph.D.- Assistant Professor of Anthropology
          Biological Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Global Health

Ronald Morris, Ph.D.- Professor of History
  Indiana History, Public History, Curriculum and Instruction

Mark Seeman, Ph.D.- Professor of Anthropology, Kent State University
          Hopewell tribe, Ohio Valley, paleoindian technology

Michael Shott, Ph.D.- Professor of Anthropology, University of Akron
          Hunter-gatherers, Assemblage formation, New World Paleoindian societies, Lithics Analysis

Jonathan Spodek, M.Arch.- Professor of Architecture
          Materials & Technology, Historic Building Assessment, Documentation of historic properties

Jennifer Wies, Ph.D.- Department Chair, Professor of Anthropology
          Gender-based violence, Applied Anthropology