Step 1: View Your Time Ticket and Check Your Registration Status and Curriculum Information

  • Visit and login with your username and password.
  • Click on “SSB-Self-Service Banner”.
  • Click on the “Student” tab.
  • Click on “Registration”.
  • Click on “Registration Status”.
  • Select the term and click “Submit”.
  • You will see your time ticket. This is the day and time you can begin registering for fall classes.
  • This screen also tells you if you have any holds that will prevent you from registering, your academic standing, and your student status. If all of the bullet points show green check marks, you will be ready to register for classes when your time ticket opens.
  • If not, please resolve the issue(s) prior to registration.
  • Under Curriculum Information check to make sure that your major and minor are listed correctly. If not, please contact your Academic Advisor immediately before you register for classes.
  • Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Search for Class Days and Times
Make sure you complete this step PRIOR to your registration date. Please pay attention to a.m. and p.m. when searching for class days and times.

  • Click on the “Student” tab.
  • Click on “Registration”.
  • Click on “Look Up Classes”.
  • Select the term and click “Submit”.
  • Click on “Advanced Search”.
  • Select the course subject that you want to search for and any additional criteria (ex. course number, course days/times, etc.) and click “Section Search”.
  • If you find a section (day/time) that you like, write the red CRN (5-digit course reference number) at the top of your scheduling worksheet and enter the days and times in the Week At a Glance section to avoid time conflicts.
  • To view the course description, prerequisites, restrictions, and co-requisites/labs, click on the red CRN and then click on “View Catalog Entry”.
  • Continue searching for your class days/times by clicking on “New Search” or simply click the back button of your internet browser.
  • Make sure you have all of your CRNs listed on your scheduling worksheet before logging out.

Step 3: Register for Classes (will start with your time ticket)

  • As soon as your time ticket opens, go to and login.
  • Click on “SSB-Self-Service Banner ”.
  • Click on “Student” tab.
  • Click on “Registration”.
  • Click on “Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal ”.
  • Select the term and click “Submit”.
  • Enter ALL of your CRNs in the spaces under “Add Classes Worksheet” and click “Submit Changes”.
  • You will find out immediately if you are registered for those courses or if there are any issues with the courses you selected. If there are issues, you can resolve them immediately.
  • Once your schedule is complete, go to the “Student” tab, then click on “Registration” and click on “Week at a Glance” or “View My Schedule” to view and print your schedule for the next semester.